Hiring Student Representatives !!

The Student Body Association is recruiting student candidates for Student Representatives to serve on the committees.

The SBA needs your help to promote student voices on campus. We are recruiting 15-20 students to serve on committees.

Students may be appointed by SBA to serve on committees as Student Representatives, who will share student voices with committees. Student Representatives will be supervised by the Director of Student Leadership Center, will be mentored by SBA officers, and may receive compensation ($11.11 per hour). 

The SBA envisions the well-rounded learning experience of students at Shoreline Community College; we highly support the student involvement in college committees for stronger representation of student voices. We are recruiting for Student Representatives to serve on the following committees.                            

- College Council https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/collegecouncil

- Strategic Budget Planning https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/budgetcommittee

- Curriculum https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/curriculumcommittee

- Food Service https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/foodservices

- Safety https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/safetycommittee

- Sustainability https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/sustainability 

- (College) Technology https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/collegetech

- Campus Diversity Action https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/cdac

- The Wellness https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/wellness

- Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/ada

- Student Service and Activities (SS&A) fee https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/SSA

- Student Technology Review https://echo.shoreline.edu/organization/TRC

What is the SBA doing regarding this matter? 

The SBA has three strategies to support the student involvement. 

1.  Provision incentives for Student Representatives.Compensation ($11.11 per hour), a certificate of appreciation, a co-curricular transcript, and a SBA t-shirt will be provided for Student Representatives in exchange with their time and commitment for this project. 

2. Implementation of a peer support system. The SBA Parliament officers will regularly meet with Student Representatives to mentor them for quality performance on their expected duties. 

3. Alignment with CAS National Standard. To enhance the quality of student learning experience, Student Representatives will be able to choose development and leaning outcomes from the National Council for the Advancement of Standard (CAS) in Higher Education - echo.shoreline.edu/organization/sba/documentlibrary.

Job application is available at echo.shoreline.edu/form/start/11280  

Due by Wednesday October 17th, 11:59 p.m. Late applications will be accepted as needed.


Contact: Kanpong Thaweesuk - StudentPresident@shoreline.edu

Posted by President- Ashley Cowan on September 17, 2012